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How to transfer NFTs?

MPCVault currently does not directly provide NFT transfers. You can complete the transfer of NFTs in the following ways.

  1. Use WalletConnect or the MPCVault Plugin to complete the transfer on a dApp that supports NFT transfers. Here's how to do it:

    • Visit dApp that supports NFT transfers, e.g. OpenSeaElement.

    • After the wallet is successfully connected, navigate to the “ Profile ” page.

    • Locate the NFT you wish to transfer on the NFT asset list and initiate the transfer request.

    • Go back to the MPCVault app to sign the request.

  2. Interact directly with the NFT contract on a block explorer to complete the transfer. Here's how to do it:

    • Locate the NFT contract you want to transfer on a block explorer, e.g. etherscanpolygonscanbscscan.

    • View the contract and enter the " Write Contract " page, click on " Connect to Web3 " to connect the wallet you want to operate.

    • Find the transfer method, input relevant parameters, and click the " Write " button.

    • Go back to the MPCVault app to sign the request.

    Note: This method is only applicable for verified NFT contracts.

  3. Transfer NFTs programmatically, that is, sending custom transaction on the MPCVault platform.