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MPCVault Vs Gnosis Safe

Feature comparison

FeatureGnosis SAFEMPCVault
Multi-addressNo, you will need to set up new safes and add co-managers through new on-chain transactions.Yes, you can have multiple addresses within a single organization and establish different access policies for various wallet groups. No on-chain transaction is required.
Multi-chain & support for non-EVM chainsNo, you need to explore different solutions on other blockchains, such as Zebec on Solana and m-Safe on Aptos.MPCVault will support all chains, including non-EVM chains such as Bitcoin, Aptos, Solana, and others.
Support eth_signeth_sign is not supported, so you can't use zk-based applications such as dYdX.Yes, you can use any zk-based applications.
EVM compatible• If the sender chooses the wrong network, the transferred assets will be lost. • You cannot use cross-chain bridges such as Arbitrum Bridge.• You will have the same address across all EVM chains. • You can use any cross-chain bridge.
Tedious Transaction TrackingCFOs may need to manually track transactions using spreadsheets, which is prone to errors and labor-intensive.Offers a bank-like transaction history with memo fields, streamlining accounting processes. Transactions can be exported as CSV for convenience.

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